Who is behind By Jess D?

Jess D is the brainchild behind the brand. As a social media specialist, she has 10 years experience cultivating and developing digital campaigns from some  of the world's top brands. As well as being an influencer on her site www.lookwhatigot.co.uk. 

However here dream, was to create a diverse, affordable beauty brand, to disrupt the beauty industry! That is when By Jess D was born. Jess D want to create a brand whereby any person, no matter the colour of their skin can be beautiful.

What do we care about?

Diversity: We are all about diversity. Our ranges will have colours to suit all skin tones, we want all our customers to feel represented and a chance to feel beautiful.

Quality: We create the most pigmented, and high quality and long lasting products and work with handpicked manufacturers to do this. We care about our customers and have taken time to research what they want, and to vet our manufacturers. 

Price: No matter your budget, everyone should have the ability to look beautiful and not break the bank. We want to create luxury feel products at high street prices.